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Welcome to Planet Kathy
Kathryn H. Kidd (also known as Kathy Queen of the Universe, Madame Kathy and Miss Kathy) has been writing and publishing since 1980.  She has created many books and one board game, and has been writing online for longer than she can remember.

She served for several years as the Associate Editor of Meridian Magazine where she currently writes a column known as Circle of Sisters.  In this column, Kathy and her readers (despite the title, numerous men also participate) discuss all manner of topics, and contribute opinions and ideas for making the world a better place.

So thanks for visiting Kathy's planet, and we hope the articles and ideas here will inspire you and brighten your day.  The menu bar at the left is your ticket to adventure on Planet Kathy.  Use it to visit these different places:
Every famous writer has to write a blog, and even hacks like Kathy are jumping on the bandwagon.  Visit her blog to read her latest thoughts and join the discussion.
The young women in our church call her Madame Kathy, because she sees all and knows all — at least she CLAIMS to.  If you're looking for advice regarding one of the thorny questions of life, feel free to use this form and she will try to respond within a reasonable period.  Madame Kathy is not nearly as smart as she thinks she is, so she does not guarantee that she'll give you the right answer — but she will give you an answer.  Before doing this, please make sure to read the FAQ section to see if your question has already been answered.  If Madame Kathy sees all and knows all, she may have already anticipated and answered your question!  
If you missed school the day that word was covered, a bibliography is a body of work.  In this case, it is a summary of Kathy's published works.  If the article is available online, we have provided a link to it.  If the work is available in book form, we have also provided a link to an online store where it may be purchased.
There is no gift more priceless than the experiences of your life, documented for your descendants.  But writing a personal history is not easy, and too many people procrastinate until it is too late.  In this section we give you suggestions for making the process easier, whether you are writing your own history or helping others to write theirs.  Whether you're looking for free information or want to hire Madame Kathy or one of her friends to help you out, this is the place.
Both Kathy and her husband Clark (aka Fluffy) like to travel, and they are more than happy to share their thoughts, opinions, and travel pictures.  You will find all of those in this section.
Some people say the best things in life are free.  Others say that free things are worth what you pay for them.  No matter where your opinion falls upon this spectrum, please check out our collection of free items.  Most of these are documents we have compiled that other people have found to be useful.  In the interest of full disclosure, you may be given a chance to donate to the Planet Kathy Starving Writer's Fund, but participation is strictly voluntary!
There are treasures on the web that most people never see.  Here are a few of our favorites, compiled by the dedicated staff of Planet Kathy.  You will find our favorite videos, web sites, and other magical places that can be visited from the comfort of your keyboard.  Keep checking back here often for more fun, exciting, or informative information.

Here Kathy has posted the answers to Frequently Asked Questions that she receives on an all-too-frequent basis.  Before contacting her, please check here to see if your question has not already been asked and answered.  You'll be saving everyone time and frustration!